Get Started With Lightroom for Instagram

When I first heard about using Lightroom for Instagram photos, I was a little sceptical.

The most that i’d ever spent on photo editing was the $4.49 that I spent on the Pic-Tap-Go app a long time ago.

And I have to say – I really enjoyed using Pic-Tap-Go to edit photos for myself and my clients. It was simple, fast, and pretty effective. But after using Lightroom for Instagram photo editing, I don’t think I can ever go back.

In this blog, i’m going to share with you how I got started using Lightroom for Instagram and i’m also going to show you just how much it has changed my photo-editing game.

Let’s dive right in!

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is a software from Adobe (the makers of Photoshop) that is used by professional photographers, designers, and also by the top Instagram influencers across the world.

Instagram is where I first heard about Lightroom – a lot of these Instagram influencers with enviable grids create their own Lightroom presets and sell these for a little bit of passive income on the side. (Genius idea by the way!)

Lightroom is pretty similar to other photo editing desktop applications, in fact, it reminds me a lot of iPhoto which is available on all Apple computers.

But – those Lightroom presets? They are the real kicker for me.

Lightroom Presets for Instagram

When I decided that I would experiment with Lightroom it was at a time where I was really struggling with my Instagram grid style.

My editing style or ‘Instagram grid theme’ didn’t suit me anymore. My content was taking a new direction and I wasn’t feeling inspired by my Instagram style anymore.

I had also recently decided to take a break from my business, and so I wasn’t as bound by my brand colours anymore.

At the time that I learnt about Lightroom for Instagram, I was in a complete Instagram rut.

Thank goodness I signed up for a Lightroom subscription because it completely changed my Instagram game.

Getting Started with Lightroom for Instagram

If you’d like to get started with Lightroom, here’s how i’d recommend doing it.

Step One: Sign Up for a Lightroom Subscription

I signed up for Lightroom by going to this link.

Step Two: Buy Some Lightroom Presets

If you want to save yourself a whole lot of time, the easiest way to get started with Lightroom for Instagram is to buy some Lightroom presets.

Before you do that though, you need to decide what type of editing style you’d like to go for.

Go through a few Instagram accounts that you enjoy looking at, and figure out what about them you like. Do you prefer warm or cool tones? Do you prefer lots of colour or a more minimal vibe?

Once you’ve decided on the style you’d like to go for, you can set out to buy some presets.

Personally, I bought my Lightroom presets from Creative Market.

You can also buy Lightroom presets from some Instagram influencers! Here is a link to one that I found that offers a variety of styles.

Step Three: Install your Lightroom presets

Once you’ve purchased and downloaded some Lightroom presets, it’s time to set them up in your Lightroom account.

I researched a few online tutorials to figure out how to upload them, and once they were ready? I jumped right into editing!

Step Four: Edit Your Instagram Photos with Adobe Lightroom

With your Lightroom presets you may find that adding them to your photos isn’t enough. You may need to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other elements of the photos to make sure they look perfect.

When you’re happy with your photos you can download them and start planning out your Instagram grid visually with an app like Plann.

Here is what my Lightroom photos look like before and after editing!

Lightroom for Instagram

Lightroom for Instagram

Now it’s time for you to try it!

Are you ready to get started with Lightroom for Instagram? I can’t wait to see what you create!