How to Grow Your Instagram Following with plann

Ever wanted to grow your Instagram following?

Of course you have!

Instagram recently reached the milestone of 1 billion users across the world and it is no surprise – Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks with a very diverse group of people who love to use it.

And with the introduction of IGTV, things are really heating up on the ‘gram.

Rather than getting into all the shiny new features of Instagram, I want to take things back to basics with you today and share with you how you can grow your Instagram following with one of my all-time favourite apps.

It’s a free app that’s available on iPhone and Android, so no excuses!

How to Grow Your Instagram Following with Plann

I’ve been using the app Plann since it launched back in 2016, and over the years the features that the app offers have increased and it has continued to get better and better.

With Plann you can do a bunch of things, including:

– Create and schedule Instagram Stories for posting on Instagram
– Create an Instagram Content Marketing Strategy from scratch (and really really quickly)
– Research and organise Instagram hashtag lists

There are also a bunch of other features that are really going to help you to grow your Instagram following quickly and easily.

But how do you get started with Plann?

To make things easy for you i’ve gone ahead and created a step-by-step video tutorial to show you exactly how to use every Plann feature to your advantage.

The video course is completely free, and it’s on my favourite online learning platform, Skillshare!
Click here to get started with the video course.